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Being Taken Seriously




111I told my driving company do not send me a lift because I have vertigo. I guess when I topple off when I get dizzy they will take me seriously.


I fall asleep. Whenever. In public. While eating. So after passing out in my bathroom they need to watch over me.


They are saying it is the drugs making me sleepy. Plus I need more rest. SO I climb in bed and nap.

But then I am lazy right? Cmon.


I need my pain med on time.

Yes I am on SO much.

I go a bit batty calling out in pain.

They need to wake me. It hurts.

So wake me so it not hurt later. I need that.

It not make sense.

They not take it seriously.

Like ok just behave. Be nice. Be good.


I cry. I hurt.

I pray.

Over and over. Same thing.

So tired.


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I am sorry the nurses look at you but do not "see" you. That is very frustrating for you. You deserve better treatment. The pain dominates your life which is understandable, but I hope there is more to your life than that. 

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