It's a boy



Well, I did a fast trip to Florida to attend my first grandchild gender. Apparently, I was the ONLY one who didn't know. But it was wonderful. I cried for I was looking at my baby and knowing he was a man and a daddy.  They had a die dust bag they put under a truck tire to do a burn out, spinning a tire on concrete, which made a TON of smoke and burning rubber smell/ YUCK .


The travel down was interesting, to say the least. I flew from Philadelphia to Dallas/Ft Worth.. first. ( all in saving money and I forgot about the time difference (( they are 1 hour behind us)) to dis board, wait for roughly 20 mins and re board the same plane to go to Orlando. Oh yes, this was a  Disney flight.  I am so glad I down loaded pod cast to listen to. So then exiting the Orlando airport, which is massive, but I normally walk across the bus lane and get my rental car. Again, in the spirt of saving money, I went off site. Ok No biggie, I received and email saying I will get a shuttle to the rental lot. Did I forget to say it was like summer. 82 ( kinda chilly for Florida but summer for NJ ) in jeans and standing out side for the shuttle... and waiting... roughly 45-60 mins waiting and I called them asking if someone would please come. 25 mins later the shuttle came, and we drove for about 10 mins. Holy cow. But in the long run, things don't go as planned but it's an adventure. Finally got the car and headed out.  Seeing at night and raining,,, it was a journey. I literally drove to 2 mins away and it was to much for me so I called my son  and he and his girlfriend met me and he drove me to their home. 

Ashley, my son's GF, was kind to give me her bed, which was made in heaven. Her family, now my family, are absolutely wonderful. My ex ( my son's father & his GF) made up their backyard into a beautiful party site. 

All I can do is smile.  ( the picture of Ashley doesn't do her justice) she is lovely 


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congratulations, I am glad you had grand time at the party. It is amazing, arrival of baby brings so much joy in family. I am so happy for all of you



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So stoked for you and your family Kelli! I agree Sue, Kelli you do have a wonderfully adventurous spirit! Ok so a baby boy!🤗 I'm curious, what will the little bambino call you? 🤔 Let's see there is Granny, Nanny, Mimi, Gigi, Mima, hmmm my nieces and nephews use Gaga, Granna, Nana... There are lots more I'm sure! 😁

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