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just checking in



Just checking in-- life has a way ,even as it slowly ebbs by, to all the suddens have passed. When I think of it ( like anyone- ever doesn't think about stroke devastation) -I do check in and look at blogs of people who have mentored me through the task of caring for Dan. What a job it has been and continues to be. We do have a routine and still i have obstacles with him, but it is what it is. My rope is much shorter now. Ive had to learn - to not care as much-- to accept - his life and his desire to live or have a quality of life so to speak is not my responsibility. It about kills me sometimes, but I push through the BS I have been handed and low and behold Im still standing. This entry may seen almost cryptic to some but a few " old-timers " will get it.... NancyL


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Nancy, once you get over the embarrassment of seeing and hearing your person in a demented state, and being expected to take responsibility for that everything else becomes easier. I especially learned that with Mum and her weird behaviour. So hold your head up high, plaster a smile on your face and visit as often as you can. Really Dan is their problem now. It is all care, no responsibility. Here we call the situation you are in and I was in "separated due to ill health" and that is exactly what it. is, without the dementia you would be living a different life. So smile girlfriend, you got this.

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