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We are back



We just returned  home from our month long vacation to India, Singapore & Malaysia. It was fun filled trip. We had planned to do sight seeing with hubby's side of family in small AC Mini bus, trip was planned by hubby's older brother & we had lot of fun together. I get along well with every one so traveling together is always fun, though because of my unsteadiness on getting up & down tall steps & places if there is no railing,  hubby was always by my side & my sister in laws, so I always felt safe though I did tumble at one place but no major damage. This trip we had planned to visit hubby's childhood friend in Singpore, he has been inviting us for ages, finally we made it happen & had great time with them, attended wedding in India with family & reached home just in time for kiddo's thanksgiving vacation. Kido  is enjoying his college & getting mature day by day & don't seem to hate me any more & do love me. today we decided to go for frozen 2 movie luckily he sat next to me instead of dad & was ok with me holding his hand, one of the highlight for me. my heart filled with joy & gratitude. one of the song in movie which hit  the chord with me, when you are in darkness just take one step at a time & do the next  right thing, don't think about future, just take one step at a time & do the next right thing, & soon you will be out of tunnel. That song is so true, I am here living proof , & lived to tell it while siting at the movie theater with love of my life & holding his hand and feeling grateful  & happy to be alive & surrounded by so much love & happiness. kido & I both loved the movie, hubby was dozing on & off  while both of us were having fun in our own way lol.





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Asha, sounds like a great holiday with so many welcoming you. I've always wanted to go to Singapore, I've changed planes there but not stayed so I am glad you enjoyed the experience. And coming home to kiddo on vacation is good too. Happy Thankgiving to you and family.

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Glad you had a great time Asha!

Sounds awesome!


You won't believe it, but we have recently been in Singapore!


We probably bumped into each other and didn't realise it!

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wow Doreen :


our paths might have crossed in singapore & since we haven't seen each other in person must have  missed each other. I liked Singapore though did not like hot & humid weather there



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