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well today was my colonoscopy. My 5th. The reason was for I have pre cancerous polyps. Great news, I have no new polyps.Β Β  BUT I have 2 internal hemorrhoids that are the largest he has seen in his 25 years of practice. OH BOY. SO ... I go see a specialist Friday, 13 for a consult . ARGGGGG.. my poor buttocks but two things to take away...1. I had the BEST nap ( thanks to anesthesia) 2for the next 5 years, no colonoscopy.



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Oh hemorrhoids , can be areal pain in the *beep*! I had them fom 17 tp 47 when I finanally had the surgery. Wish I don it 3 decades earlier.

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Thank you very much. I seem to be doing very well. I learned I have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks and I forgot about it. Knock on wood that should last me for a while. Apparently these come normally with everybody especially in women with childbirth. And they can build over time. Everybody is meant to have some of mine just wanted to say hello to the world before anybody else ha

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