A goodly amount of travelling reduced mu exercise program but still:-

Wed: Yoga joined by my wife.

Thu: Gym

Fri: drove tp Phoenix ate out.

Sat: event & drove home.

Sun. Day off.

Mon: Drove to Sedona and made presentation. Ate out.

Tues drove home got sick - feels like a flu.


The big challenge for the week was returning to public speaking. Especially as I still have trouble controlling speech. I was sufficiently concerned that I had a dream 2 days before that I could not speak at all like just after my stroke. Anyhow the presentation of 45 mins was almost flawless except for one word that failed to arrive from my head. In an instantlarge.thumbnail.jpg.aa23ffbc33bb4e781972d5eaed898ee0.jpg my wife called the word and I rolled on to the end, So we were all quite pleased 🙂


I managed to avoid snacking thru the week but eating out twice this week I didn't actually gain weight but did not loose any either.



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 Kevin :


wow big crowd, you are braver than you know & think, wow I am scared even looking at the crowd.  you rock & great champion for the cause amazing.


Asha Chandra

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