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Yep, she has "The Strep Throat"



WE just got in, from her Dr. visit. I feel glad, that I choose to take her, b/c she is sick. She has,"The Strep Throat."


Lord, we have been all over town today. Our Pharmacy is closed on the weekend, so we had to go to WM to get it filled, picked up poscicles, icecream, jello. She is pretty excited that the Dr. said "No church tomorrow."


She is hanging out on the couch watching SpongeBob, and eating icecream. Living up being sick, she hasn't been, sick-sick, for 2 yrs.


She requested, I make her a chocolate cake, since she was sick. I better get my crippled A in the kitchen, and get busy.




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hey Amy:


beaware strapthroat is quite contagious, Im so J that she asks for cake and stuff, my kido stays away from any kind of food, he eats indian food without complaints, but he does not have anything favorites



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Asha, I am screwed b/c I have been swapping germs with her for days now!! I actually have the beginnings of a sore throat with this awlful heachache. I 'll pass it on to you via email. I don't think your virus hardware will pick up on Strep. Ha, Ha!


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