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In our house, we have community everything!



I don't know, how it started, but in our house, we have community cups, community everything. If Daddy or Mommy have a drink, and Madeline sees it and wants a drink, we don't think twice and let her drink it. Just a second ago, she saw me drinking my diet coke, and started to grab it, I stopped her and said, "No baby, you need to get your own, since you are sick."


Last night, after our bath, she usually starts in on the loving Mommy phase of the night.


Around here, we all kiss on the lips! Madeline and Mommy, Madeline and Daddy, and Mommy and Daddy. She landed a big kiss on me, before I could stop it last night. I didn't want her to feel rejected, so I just went to the bathroom , and quietly washed my mouth with soap/water. We sleep together, and her body has been a little hot rock, for the past couple of days at night.


Yesterday she asked me to turn the heater on! I compromised and set the thermostat at*78 instead of *75 like I like to keep it at. I had every quilt out on her last night, b/c I love to sleep in cool temps.


I am not letting her run her fever anymore, b/c she needs her pain meds to maybe help out on the throat pain. She says, "Mommy I need a pain pill."

Sure, but it is coming in liquid form.


She is running around the house, with my "reacher" I got from rehab. I use it now, to clean out from under the bed, or I may chase her around the house, nipping at her butt.

Yeah, she out runs me. But I try.


Not much of a blog, just trying to keep up on page 1.


I am sure since we swap germs, with our community cups around the house, Strep is on the way for Daddy and I.


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