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the other woman..



Yeah, the whole dynamics of our family changed when I brought, the other woman into our house. She only weighed 7pds 6oz. when she arrived(our daughter).


I do admit, I get jealous from time to time, from hubby loving her so much, and him dividing his time between us.


But, if he didn't act like that I would feel the other way.

This morning he got home from work, and came into the room where dd and I sleep, picked her up, and carried her to bed with him! They have a very good father/daughter relationship now, and I hope it continues to be that way, throughout weird adolescent times, and etc.


I think it is hard on Daddy to be away from dd when she is sick.


He stayed at home with her, when she was an infant, his job.schedule allowed him to be her Primary Care giver during the day. I can still remember the abandonment feeling I had when I had to go back to work, after she was born.


He had never been around a new-born, and here I was leaving him with her. I called and called him, every chance I could throughout the day, to check on her. The only thing, he couldn't do, that I could do was breast feed her, and that was the only way she would go to sleep.


He has never wished for a pair of breast so hard in his life, like the days he would walk the house with her screaming for titty. I would come home, to 2 sleepy and fatigued loves of my life, dd would latch on to breast and suck maybe 4 times and be out like a light! Frustrated dh to death, but made me feel so special.


Mad and Dad have had a lot of bonding time, w/out Mommy, b/c there were a lot of times in her life, where I had to have family members help me in taking care of her due, to Heart Surgery, Stroke, and that is it so far..


I feel like more of a Grandma to her with all of my hospital stays and pill bottles..


Yes she has/is spoiled from "Poor Madeline...Her Mommy is Sick."


Gabe and I even talk about what-if/when I pass, who he may be tempted to date etc...

I know for sure of one chic, who has a crush on him. His old Taekwondo teacher..


She used to ask me all the time,"How did you meet a guy like Gabe?" "I want a husband just like him."


Well, thanks for the compliment?? I think,?? But I hope you do see that gold ring on his finger!!


He is not interested in her, if he was single. But I wish, he would be, b/c I can see her being a good Mommy to Madeline, plus she is a certified Elementary Education graduate, and loves kids.


Am I the only one that thinks about my own mortality, and spouse remarriage and kids after death?


I shouldn't but I do. If Gabe and I both die together, my sister is appointed/agreed to raise/adopt Madeline.


My sister lost a baby girl, that would have been around Mad's age. They already treat her like their own.


After the death of my niece, they both clung on to Madeline, and would get a lot of their strength by holding her.


They both have their summer's off, so after the death, of their daughter, I lent Madeline out to them, for a while, so they could pour their Parental love, they had/have for Mya into Madeline. I think it helped a lot. My sister, it did, and still to this day, they are always trying to get Madeline to come and stay the week with them, even though they have 2 boys, (one on the way, due Aug.22nd.) I can't wait.


This blog, totally switched topics, at the end. Brain damage thing...



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What a nice, bring-about-a-smile blog you wrote. Very sweet.


When my mom died, I thought my dad would start dating one of the widowed ladies he'd known for years and years. But he didn't, he found a stranger, said there was too much history with half of a couple they'd hung around with. You can't predict these things, I guest, if it should happen. But it's good you had 'the conversation' so that should it ever happen, Gabe isn't racked with guilt should he start dating again. And yes, other poeple do think about their own morality.



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