Morning Tea



My church, whilst not old, needs a new roof.

So, me and two of my friends are determined to raise money to help pay for the roof.

Last year we raised $450 selling handmade Christmas cards.


This year, so far, we've decided to hold a morning tea in the church hall.


We are going to have raffles, a small craft stall and some entertainment. 


I'm so excited! I love all the behind the scenes stuff. Who am I kidding?? I love all the stuff.  I'll probably be MC on the day too.  Mainly because I'm not good with carrying stuff or dishes...all that stuff is not high on my list as exciting to be honest, so it works well.


Part of the rollercoaster we have been talking about.  Doing for others definitely keeps me on the upside. 


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sounds like so much fun, I also enjoy socializing & volunteering though now my volunteering has changed from school, hospital to other things.



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My daughter Shirley puts on morning teas as fund raisers. She has a lot of lovely tea sets and utensils so provides all that and her ladies make the cakes etc. at least that was when she was in church ministry. Now at the nursing home it will be for smaller groups. There is something special about a High Tea isn't there?

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Yes Kelli, but not my idea! One of my friends said it in passing one day, about the possibility of a morning tea.  Well old Bull at a Gate here, said Great Idea!! And here we are!


Asha I'm the same; places where I volunteer have changed dramatically since This Happened.   I still adhere to my signature quote, Tracy's words, I'm where I need to be, today. 

When my kids were in primary school, I was there all the time, doing something. 


Sue, yes it is special.  The, sorry, older ladies in the church do so much.  We are hoping they will come and enjoy themselves and relax! They deserve it!

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