Excited much!!


We have rain!!


Everything has been so dry here.  We've had catastrophic fire warnings, but no fires to speak of.


The rain is such a welcome event. I hope it sticks around.


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Ha ha Willis!

Just had a chuckle at that!

Didn't even think of that when I posted the picture!

It must look strange to you.


When we were in North America a few years ago, it was quite frightening actually. 


We kept looking the wrong way for traffic, freaking out when the taxi drivers crossed intersections. 


Goes to show, in this altered life we live, what's normal for one is not necessarily normal for another. 

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17 hours ago, Willis said:

Hey those cars are driving on the wrong side!  😎 

I had to look at that twice and had a good laugh. 😁  Witty

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6 hours ago, ksmith said:

I had to look at that twice and had a good laugh. 😁  Witty

Thanks Kelli! It is my main objective to make others smile. 😬

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2 hours ago, Willis said:

Thanks Kelli! It is my main objective to make others smile. 😬

Absolutely Willis!

It's a wonderful thing we can do!


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I've been doing the rain dance Janelle 😊 you're welcome. 😂 It's nice to see the rain decided to visit. I too did a double take looking at the cars on the road. Geez, I would not allow me to drive over there! It would not be pretty... I bet I'd off on the side of the road in the floor board crying! 😭🤣

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It's not so hard to switch over Tracy, you just have to remember the driver stays in the middle of the road. Although the first few left hand turns when you are used to right hand drive and switch to left are a challenge. The main place where you get caught is getting into the car. You walk up to the wrong door.

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Thanks for the dance Tracy!

If you could get your groove on again...that would be great!! 


Heather I was in America in 1994 for a few months. Being under 25 I wasn't able to be on the insurance for the hire car. I have to admit, I was quite pleased about that!

I rode a Push bike in the town I was staying in, and constantly swerved all over the road! You know how you ride with the traffic? Very difficult!!

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