I've been to counselling about other...issues...besides all This.


It was really useful.  I've been to this lady before, when Carrah was a baby.


Even though it's been years since I have seen her professionally, we still had that connection.   It was really nice not having to tell old stories for Kathy to make sense of new stories. 


We all cope differently, but it is something I would recommend giving a go.


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I went to a counsellor in February -April 2013, four months after Ray died. I found it really helped me to sort out what I was actually worrying about. She also helped me free myself from a lot of hurt, resentment etc that I had carried with me for a long time. I have thought of having more counselling because of my many medical problems and the emotional problems that accompany them.  I may do that in the future. I hope it helps you come to terms with whatever is bothering you.

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Janelle I am so happy you have had a positive experience with counseling. I have been to my Psychiatrist every other month for 4 years and started weekly Cognitive Behavior therapy about 2.5 years ago. My Neurologist told me I may always need to go to both due to my CCAS from the stroke. I look forward to our session every week. Angela and Dr. Chalfant are a lifeline to me. I am challenged in many ways when it comes to processing what I experience everyday. When my anxxxiety gets intense I need help and can call Angela. I always feel like I am getting back on track after our sessions and feel so grateful and thankful for them both. You are very right... Sometimes just saying things out loud and now knowing I won't be judged but offered support - nothing can compare. Hugsss. 

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Thank you Tracy.

The counselling is perfect timing actually.  I had a melt down about being unappreciated and unvalued. 

That's a whole other thread right there!


I'm so glad you find counselling a great help and that you stick to regular visits.  That alone is valuable.  It can be quite stressful trying to make an appointment that suits on a non regular basis. 

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