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Since becoming disabled, I have had to alter my interests.

I love to read, but can no longer hold a book open and turn pages. Well, I guess I could have the book on a flat surface and use my head to hold the book so I could turn the page, but you lose fluency.

So now I read on my iPad. 

I used to tap dance and play badminton. 


My interest now, has been for about 4 years, is card making. I have this you beaut machine that trims paper. I'm also very selective about which paper I use, and stick with an Australian brand, kaisercraft. 


I make cards for everyone, and have even started selling them! I don't do it for profit, mainly to buy more supplies!


My home office is my happy place.


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Very nice. The embossing is very attractive. You have a talent for sure. I have never been a big reader of books but have always enjoyed reading articles and stuff. A couple years ago I started reading books on my lap top. What I like is being able to make the print large and also have white print on a black background. That is easy on the eyes and turning pages is not a problem. All that said it often takes me 2 or 3 months to get through a book. I will go back and forth and read a short time and stop. I guess I'm lucky and have a decent memory that lets me do that and remember the characters and plot. If you ever need stick men drawn for your cards I'm your guy!

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Thanks Kelli.  I make cards for everyone I know, but I'm a worrier.  Selling them is entirely different than giving someone a birthday card.  


It's awesome that you both like it, makes me feel like I'm not too bad at it!


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Suec do you like this one?

I just love it!

Although, when I looked on Pinterest, mine does seem quite amateurish. 

Still, gotta be pleased with my first patchwork card effort!large.20200416_124054.jpg.eced0eb8a75f9c99ede2ee780a2a3f13.jpg

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It's gorgeous!  And what a lot of work you put into it!  It doesn't look amateurish at all, and your colour choices are lovely.


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These are so beautiful Janelle!!! Anyone would love such a piece of work. You and Sue both have real talent. Speaking of crafting, art, paper craft, sewing, and every other creative hobby... It just feels good. I call them my projects. Right now I am sewing face masks... Trying different patterns. I'm also working on yard work and cleaning up my backyard fence line. I have to do just a little each day (counting my spoons). Doing these and lots of other things lift my spirit and have even kept me busy during this virus mess. Love this! ❤️

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Thanks for the kind words SueC!

The card is for a friend of a friend, who is turning 70.

After I made the card, I found out she likes to patchwork!


Thank you Sue! Making cards keeps me sane...and occupied!


Tracy thank you! 

I'm so glad that you are able to be creative and productive all at the same time!

Please do count spoons, but all the best with the gardening. Very therapeutic. 

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