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adore my weekends & my AHAs




This Saturday class was no different in feeding my soul with goodness in life & getting me prepared in providing tools in whatever we may come in my life in future.  One of the best teaching of our Geeta class this weekend were two things & if I am able to master these two things then life will be truly bliss

1. lesson is whatever karma(or actions I am doing do it as my offering to God without any attachment to results

2. whatever results I get it from those action take it as God's gift (prasad) without labeling those results as good or bad.


I know both steps are hard to do but once we practice these things with awareness we can remain unaffected by joy & sorrow & stay in blissful content state of mind. 


I am learning this slowly I know I had labeled my stroke as worst event in my life but if I look deep within myself I know it has brought lot of clarity & joy in my living. It allowed me to find happiness within me & being present in the present moment & appreciate daily wonders of my life. So it should be easy for me to practice every bad situation in my life to realize what is this event is trying to teach me.









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Wow! Asha sometimes you knock me off my feet with your ideas. To walk through life not judging events as good or bad would!d be a great thing to do. I can see the advantages in that. I will write a blog in a few days about my experiences today so you will see what I mean.

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Hi Asha and Sue, the not labeling events as good or bad is a big one.  I had a training course at work last year that was focused on adapting to the exponential change that we all live with these days. Their way of explaining it was look at conditions as what is, try not to assign values (e.g. good or bad) to them. When adapting to change it helps to list the conditions so you can understand what the variables are, but once you do that remember the condition is what is, it's only "good" or "bad" once you attach results to it and what is good for you is probably bad for someone else.  A condition may lead to either a risk or an opportunity. You will be more open to it being an opportunity if you don't assign a value to it before you look at all the variables, Also a Risk is really an opportunity for change, especially if you can see it before it happens and be ahead of it. Conditions that have more risks are not necessarily a "bad" outcome.

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Heather, thank you for that explanation, it makes things plainer to me. In Centrelink we had a saying: "We have time to discuss  a situation or to fix it." So we would rush into a new situation with very little discussion, very little training and of course get it so wrong! So your alternative of looking at the variables first before accepting changes makes a lot more sense. If only I knew then what I know now....lol.

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