Well this virus will definitely put a dent in routine. My wife and I have decided to self-isolate as much as possible. We have cancelled all appointments and the Gym is closed and Yoga cancelled for now. We only have 20 cases so far in Arizona and they are all in the valley. Were going out for animal food later today but are paying in advance by credit card and they will just dump the stuff in the back of the pickup when we arrive. Better safe than sorry!

On a more fun note the weather broke and we managed to get a ride in , but short lived a snow storm is coming in this evening. No one seems to have warned the flowers the daffodils are out and trees starting to bud.

Challenge of trying to loose weight seems to elude me. Of course it doesn't help when I use Maryjane and get the munchies 🙂

Thu: Yoga

Fri: Off



Mon: Day off

Tue: Rode

Weigth: 195 and ave BP 151/86 

My headiness continues to decrease but its like an exponential decay half as bad as lst week but still there.

I missed the chat room Monday, either the time was altered or they started day light saving - which we don't do in AZ

Time to shower , Kev




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HI Kev, work on creating a routine for yourself it will help. and Yoga can continue. Ask your instructor to send you some YouTube links for flows you should be able to do by yourself. My instructor does this for me when I'm going to be away.  My gym has started live streaming classes for members who can't/don't want to come into the studio at the moment. They are also offering equipment library service if people want to borrow things they don't usually have at home.  it would be worth asking your gym.


Glad to hear that the headiness is decreasing even if only slowly

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Kev, design your own routines. I do "Just Dance" on the Wii and know the value of movement. You may not dance but movement to music will take off weight if you do enough of it. And it will warm you up too. Thanks for your weekly update. I live a very different life to you so your blog gives me a little insight into a different world.

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A snow storm in Arizona?

I hate to sound naive, but is that normal?


The weather is finally changed here...bring on winter!!


Western Australia has about 60 CV cases, all in Perth.


We are waiting for it to spread.

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Awesome Kev.

Love snow.

We spent 3 weeks in Canada a few years ago. Had a white Christmas. 


We spent hours holding our arms out and looking at how different snowflakes are.

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