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California is on lockdown




My daily AND Quarantine Routine...
7AM (Oh What a Beautiful Morning) toast and peanut butteragain

9AM (Acuna Mattatta..).watch lion king and nap 

10AM...order Amazon goodies because as Jerry Herman advises  ("We Neeeeeed a Little Christmasmmright now")

Noon ......Call friend (Hello Dolly)

 cancel appointment(And I am Telling You I am Not Going) and engage in some therapeutic coloring

2PM...Little Anthony calls then..(And I think I,m Going Out Of My Head..)... then I pray( God Bless America)

5PM I watch the news and realize that Disney was right( It's a Small World After All)

6pm... while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... I watch TV and think that Korn had it right( It's So Unfair)

Later I watch Steven Colber because  to me he is ( The Music of the Night)



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So what is everybody else doing?

In my household because my kids did musical theater and dance from young age and I grew up as a child of a professional musician and was exposed to a lot of music, we knew that there was a song for every situation and it helps it really does help the belt out a song when you feel frustrated or happy just music is so much a part of our life and hopefully now that we have some extra time on our hands and we have survived so much hopefully we can find Our Song

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at our home we eat together, watch movies together & play some cards together then kido back to his video games & we both to our reading & computer



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My husband is still working, and my son still going to school. 

My daughter has a cold, so has finished work for the time being. 

Her boss is going to close the business for a few weeks, and reopen when things are better. 

I'm staying home as much as possible. 

Today I have a physio appointment amd tomorrow my poor rabbit Ivy is going to heaven, but otherwise I'm home.

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I'm working from home.  The cat is enjoying the company she doesn't usually get.

Non essential businesses have all been told to close for next 3 weeks, although a disturbing number are ignoring it.

I am still going to outpatient physiotherapy at the hospital, but my private exercise classes are now to be done at home via video chat. First of those is tonight. We are all on a learning curve.



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Oh my goodness I love you Pam! 😁 You never fail to bring me some cheer. Me and Kitty are completely binge watching Netflix, Amazon video, Hulu, Disney+ and a new streaming option CuriosityStream. I have been fighting a regular cold virus (was tested) that has flared my asthma so add breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. I have almost perfected the complete reversal of when I sleep (up all night/sleep all day) but haha that has been a ongoing struggle for a while. I am listening to a few audio books. I also have been watching YouTube tutorials for crafting. Oh yeah, I watched several yesterday on how to sew face masks for medical workers. These are not the ones that completely block virus but since their is such a shortage crisis my cousin (a nurse) said these are better than what the govt has recommended if they run out (a bandana around the mouth and nose) and I own a sewing machine. I may try to do this. I am also recipe scouting and adding to my "recipes to try" binder. My daughter Hailey has been staying with me. She likes to cook and I clean the dishes so that works out great. I'm playing catch up on anything around the house I may have put off at other times. This gives me encouragement to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. I have got to download some hidden object games. I love those. Hailey and I spend most if our time doing our own thing. She is 23 so hanging with mom is not her priority right now. Trying to catch toilet paper available to place an order to be delivered. Yep 2 rolls left. 😬 OH I made my own hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes (cotton rounds) for disinfecting cart handles if I have to really get something or door handles and other highly touched areas. I can't find aloe Vera gel, so I use equal parts aloe Vera juice and 91% alcohol with a few drops of essential oils. I use a small spritzer bottle and a small ziploc plastic container for the cotton rounds. Aloe Vera keeps the alcohol from drying out skin. Works great! BTW the aloe Vera juice is actually used as a health thing to drink so it usually is in the health/diet/protein area and is a huge bottle! That's about it for lately. I love that you have a nice schedule Pam... I need to implement that! 

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