Water is Life




large.DSCN5264.JPG.d5984cae440698d78c4765914b7b10f0.JPGSill in isolation so tending to use my treadmill as I cant get out, Walking has suddenly become more balanced, only limping slightly when tired. So Im trying to build up the leg muscles and my stamina which is still far from my old levels. My headiness has reduced some and seems to be associate with balance in new or unusual motion. For example I had to go down om my knees while checking tire pressure this weekend, not a usual position and the headiness was induced. One of the community wells in the Navajo nation failed so they were out of water. Found out during a regular lunch meeting with friends which we converted to Zoom. They were going to buy water! Fortunately  I had a 275 gall tank I use when travelling with our horses and a another 55 gal. So I set up a trailer and filled it from my well.  A guy came early Monday and I had left the rig by our gate so o need for contact and he drove it up to the reservation. Felt good to help but better that I was capable of physically doing the work to prepare the rig.




Fri: Treadmill

Sat: Prepareded Water Rig

Sun: Filled rig

Mon: Day off

Tue: Treadmill (40min at 2.8 mph)

weight: 186 lbs (-4 😁) bp 5day ave 147/83 😀



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Sounds like you are making good progress Kev. So nice you were able to help your neighbours with the water. Treadmill is very good for re balancing gait. Squats are also a good body weight exercise that strengthens glutes for walking and other daily tasks. Also climbing and descending stairs if you have access to some.

Keep on keeping on my friend

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