So the use of the treadmill seems to be paying off. For most of the day I can walk around and no one would notice anything wrong and I don't have to focus on movements it starts to fall off a bit as I get tired and wobbly. Also the headiness is absent around only when I make more exaggerated movement. The weather has got warmer so spending some time in the garden and on horse back, but later in the day the wind blows me back inside. 


We are now harvesting greens as above and had our first asparagus stem (just one) bleow


Got a bit grumpy yesterday have to watch that. Keep the post strike attitude that Im lucky to be alive!!!

Wed: Riding & Treadmill

Thu: Riding & treadmill

Fri: Treadmill & gardening

Sat: Treadmill

Sun: Day off

Mon: Treadmill & gardening

Tue: Shipment unloading

Ave BP 156/86 i'm on prescribed hyperBP weight 182 lb 🙂




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Kev, what an active life you live, good for you, and it is paying off with weight loss and fresh farm picked vegetables. Hard in this time of isolation not to be grumpy, I am definitely grumpy at times but I live alone so no-one suffers. Keep up the good work, exercising, horse riding, whatever you can find to do that increases your heart rate. Love your herb pictures, I grow a few pots of herbs and just love that fresh taste adding to meals.

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