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some days feel so alone in this world & realize ui have come to this workd alone & will leave alone too



ok maybe its PMS days, but some days even though I am surrounded by friends & family I still feel all alone in my life, & with this isolation I hate being couped up inside home, being survivor & all this horror stories of virus hubby does not feel me comfortable venturing outside, so I stay inside though today being frustrated with whole world I went out for walk & lo behold tripped on my pant leg & fell, luckily just t few bruises got up & started walking back home again & again tripped & fell on sidewalk. felt like an idiot, come home & kido busy with his video games & hubby in his own exercise world in basement  don't get any sympathy till hubby came up & banded me up. was just feeling so sorry & alone in this whole wide world, I  realize we all come in this world alone & have to be self sufficient enough so that we are not burden on any one. In those moments I wonder whats the purpose of life & why am I still here.  Anyway pity party over now, time to go & finish reading my good book.







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Asha,  Bonnie used to say to me the pity pot is okay to sit on but you have to get up and go on again. I think we are all finding the isolation a problem. I just read Pam's blog and know she is more isolated than I am, at least I can get out to the shops once a week. In the meantime I can find plenty to do around the house and still have time to keep in touch with friends by phone, email and computer chat. It is not the same as being person-to-person but it pays to sacrifice that and stay safe.

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