Well last weeks record of 40mins at 3 mph was not exactly by intent. I walk watching cold West Wing episodes and loss track of time.  Paid or it with some soreness next day so I kicked back. I returned to exercise Thursday for 20 mins. I should have waited longer! I strained the same muscle and ended   up having to take 3 days to get out of pain. In fact I've decide to take the week off the treadmill. Even so the week wasn't all off as we cleaned out the chicken coop. We deep litter this so it only need digging out once a year and the digging went into the compost. It was good to be able to do some effective work. My headiness is not ascent most of the time 🙂 It does return when I challenge my balance with less usual movement ; like digging out coops where you have to work bending over.


The hoop house is now providing green in abundance and it the time of year where we eat a lot of salads. It finally warm so we are riding more to. Being in the saddle is also a gage of progress and we ve been doing long trots at the post which is pushing my stamina and I must admit I m a bit wobbly when I get off and back on the ground. So busy that we hardly notice the isolation and weve ben zooming with quite a few friends including Deb's brother in Saudi. They are in house isolation no going out at all except a shopping trip for which you have to get an appointment!



Thu: treadmill

Fri: Ouch


Sun: Day off

Mon: Chicken coop

Tue: Gardening

Ave BP 156/82 That's pretty normal for me at the moment weight 189 lb 


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Love the look of your home grown  greens, I grow a few in plastic troughs and it is so good to go out and snip some off and include the handful in salads. I do envy your hoop house, once I would have tried to erect something similar but scaled down on my small residential plot. But that is a pipe dream now. So enjoy your healthy meals and your horse riding and other activities.

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