Asparagus & Irises




So very suddenly were approaching summer. Yesterday we were up in the 80's and this morning was the first day of the year that the heating didn't come on. Flowers and trees are blooming all over the place. Iris are adding color to the garden. We have so much asparagus that we are giving it away to neighbors( Well not directly, we leave it at the gate) 


The warner weather keeps drawing me outside to ride and garden. OF course being me I tend to over do it so lifting a few heavier thins Saturday resulted in my left (previously paralyzed ) arm straining a muscle and forcing Sunday off. Recovery seems to continue not notably every day more in cases of  something changing. Like my walking has been very good the other day I found I was weaving a bit and realized that where as before I would have to concentrate on each step I was walking more naturally without that focus and would therefore take the odd miss step, but also corrected the misbalance naturally 🙂 The headiness is pretty minimal and only present in exaggerated motion. So subtle but definite improvement. Stay safe guys!.

Wed: treadmill

Thu: treadmill

Fri: Gardening


Sun :Ouch  Day off

Mon: Gardening

Tue: Gardening & treadmill

Ave BP 155/88 That's pretty normal for me at the moment weight 189 lb 



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I'd love some asparagus, mine is the house with the elephant. Seriously so happy to know you are improving. Now Spring is warming up you are noticing the difference. Ray always seemed better in Spring, the warmth loosened his muscles I suspect. Take it easy with the heavy lifting, that's my downfall too thinking I am stronger than I am.

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Madade, weight is a battle I don't always feel like fighting. 


Not with so many other uphill battles going on.


Loving the irises. Such a pretty colour.

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