My Cousin Jason




Not sure if you remember me letting you know about my cousin Jason, who had cancer?


He died. Very sad. He was only 51.


Wayne and I were very humbled to be invited to the funeral.  Only 10 people allowed at the moment, and JD thought enough of us to include us on his list.


It was a lovely funeral.  His wife Robyn and sister Kerry did a great job organising it in such trying circumstances. 


I'll miss Jason so much, but glad he's no longer suffering. 



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Janelle it is tough when this thing stops us from doing the observances of life that we need in order to keep going.  So glad you got to go to the funeral. I do hope that when this is all over you can have a proper family and friends wake. Those left behind need the comfort and memories that sharing grief brings. Funerals are for the people left behind not the dead.

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I am glad you were invited. There will be a lot of memorial services and other forms of remembrance after this is over but to be asked to the funeral is special.  51 is certainly young to reach the end of your life. I hope his memory will be kept alive by those who love him. My condolences to you and your extended family.

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Thanks ladies.

In Kings park in Perth, plaques for soldiers line the roads, each plaque having a tree to itself, and sometimes one other plaque.

Jason was a huge war historian and about a month before he died his sister organised a plaque for our Great grandfather who was KIA during the kokoda campaign. 

Next year, the family plan on getting together and having an ANZAC day service at the plaque. 

He knew about that, and I'm sure he'll be happy to know we are planning it still.

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