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Happy Mothers Day 2020



Happy Mothers day to all mothers here. This Mothers day is most special mothers day for me its year 2020 when every one is quarantined & staying home & can't go anywhere. I asked our son to make mothers day video with song for his grandma, & his dad asked him to do for me too. He did amazing job & sent it to me on mothers day making this year so special. I realize my biggest accomplishment in life is our son  who by becoming doctor will make a difference in people's lives. today I feel so happy & proud  of our son, of-course like any other kids some days he can drive me nuts, but some days also makes me very happy & proud & today is that day.



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Asha I am glad your kiddo makes you happy and proud. Being a doctor will enable him to make a difference but don't forget your part in bringing him to where he is today, you are a very special mother.

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