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So the days slip into each other. I loose track of which is which. I couldn't tell you my regime any more I ride when the weather is good, work in the garden and walk on the treadmill it i'm not too tired. I haven't been here to the chat room for a while as it seems everyone does zoom at 1pm . Perhaps I 'll make it to day. There little improvement to note this week but the gardening pits me in more diverse movement and challenges my balance, which I think is a good thing. After my stroke I found I had more trouble containing emotions. That become more normal but I had a funky time a couple of days ago, it seemed to be triggered by a man shooting a shop security guard in the head because she wouldn't let him in to a store not wearing a mask. I couldn't get my head around that!

I had to force myself to focus on the things I was grateful for. We are producing eggs and greens in huge quantity and it was nice to be able to share some of the excess with friends. We didn't see them they just drove by and picked then up out of the garage. So far every thing has been in the hoop house,. But this week were planting outside. We can have frost as late as May31 here so squash plant s were covered by walls of water. Lettuce had to go under nets and shade cloth otherwise it becomes a buffet for the bunnies.large.DSCN5344.JPG.39469e190c3bb0632c3d8da948f7d1c0.JPG



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Kev I think there's nothing wrong with getting emotional about that. Its wrong on so many levels. Your garden looks great even if not much is growing yet. I'm going to have to investigate those water walls, my Mum and Dad could use those, they live in a very frost prone area.


Good luck with all the extra incidental exercise.

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I share my produce unwillingly with possums and brush turkeys, cockatoos love the orange trees and various nectar eaters and parrots devour any thing that has green tips. So I throw shade cloth and various forms of netting available over whatever is edible.

As Heather said we are all shocked by the horror stories. Hard to believe in the goodness of the human race when the bad people get all the publicity. Lots of wonderful people in the world, including yourself, concentrate your thinking on them.

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