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fathers day 2020 special




as all of you aware of we have only one child & he has always been his dad's boy, love & bond between them is truly unconditional. mine is not as much, I love him but I also get mad at him when he does not listen  to me & argues back. Anyhow in this pandemic he had come & stayed with us few months when his college ws in lockdown, but summer came along & his paid internship  was starting & he was missing his friends so was itching to go back to college & left. while going he had told us he will visit us sometimes in his down times which in my mind was when all his friends are in town. So suddenly when door bell rang on Fathers day weekend. I had no idea & opened the door & suprised to see our 6 feet son standing in the door.  It was such sweet feeling & ofcouse bit of jealosy for hubby that kido loves him so much more lol. luckily I had made food for dinner & still had for him. He was suprised we still eat good food & don't do short cuts hen he is not around. I had asked him to make fathers day movie for his dad like he did for me on mothers day which he did it, so it was sweet. Nowdays we have sarted zoom call every weekend with family members & this year it was theme share your fondest memory of your dad. So kido shared sweet memory of his dad which was icing on cake. For days like this life feels so great & I feel fortunate to be still here.


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ASHA, so💖 those unexpected visits from family.You have raised a thoughtful young man. Hope your husband had a good weekend. And that you enjoyed some mother and son time too. Good time for building those precious memories for when he is away from home and you are thinking of him.

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