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Bad news, this time it is for real



Sad to report that Lesley’s mum has passed away. We had felt she was at that point several years ago but she was a strong resilient lady. This time however she had a massive stroke and slumped over and never spoke or moved effectively again. After 5 days with no food or water since she could not swallow, she died peacefully and in no apparent pain. She did open her eyes one last time with her last breath.


we are of course sad. We are relieved she went without apparent physical suffering. It was, of course difficult for us but we got through it. We kept the family well apprised of what was happening and because of the mess the world is in at the moment they were not able to be here with us.


now Lesley and I are slowly doing what must be done. Probably next year when the border restrictions are hopefully lifted, Lesley will take her remains back to New Zealand and she and our son will scatter her ashes where her late husband was scattered. And there will be a memorial service there as well. She was bright and coherent until the last 5 days of unconsciousness. She even wrote a letter and read a book the day the stroke ended things.


As for Lesley and I, we are just planning what we will do now with the bittersweet freedom we have in our lives. Obviously we knew the day was coming but find little consolation in that knowledge. She will be missed terribly by many.. she was 97, 98 in September.


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George :

thanks for sharing your grief with us. our condolences  & peace for you  & Leslie. Leslie's mum lived her life to fullest till the end. I like Leslie's idea  of scattering her remains to place  which means lot to he, that's what I would want my family to do it for me.



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Sad news but so good she was not alone, even if the family could not gather around. Take care of yourselves, plan that memorial and know she had many happy times with you in these last few years.



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My condolences too George and Lesley. She will be miss by you and family in New Zealand. Be glad she didn't suffer towards the end and finished her life as she lived it. One day you will be able to return to New Zealand with be ashes Lesley and complete her journey. Blessings to you and your family.

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George I'm so very sorry Lesley's beloved mum has died.

What a strange feeling it must be for you both, having this gap in your lives.

I'm so glad you were with her at the end.

Much love to you both and the family.


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