Not such a good week



Well on Thursday last I was moving a bail of hay , which had fallen weirdly and jammed in position. I lifted with my legs but had my elbow bent slightly. Just as it started to move I felt my forearm muscles tear like breaking old sting.  The felling was sickening , both mentally and physically! So that led to 3 days off nursing the arm. Its been getting better each day but  is still to tender to risk riding. I did get back to the treadmill. On a better note I have been lengthening my walking stride back to its old level. The monsoon is on us here with heavy cloud cover through the night which keeps the temp up around 68F which is warn as we are at 5,600ft and night are usually down at 50F. Days are cooler with cloud like 80F -compared with 100F for a clear day. We are looking at thunder storms to day and lots of rain hopefully 🙂

Harvest is abundant. We are harvestin about 10lb of tomatoes every other day along with some quash and greens. This week the grapes joined in 🙂

Cheers Kev 


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ouch Kevin :


hope you are feeling better, maybe its time to take some rest & join your chat buddies we still have chats every da afternoon 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST on M,W & F though friday we meet in coffeeshop other days all in survivor oom #2.


you got good farm going on  there, we have planted tomato first time in a pot & I am seeing lot of them turned orange now from green, hopefully will turn red soon too.



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Sorry you had an accident, not that hard to do. Hopefully you will have your full strength back by next week. Having your full stride back will be an advantage in many ways. 

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I hvan't the experience or gear to drive him. My arms may b well enough to work him at the walk if Deb saddles for me. The trot would be a bit painful i think. 

The ine is like 4yrs

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Also if he's not carriage trained you have to start again in a lot of ways.  Good luck with the injury recovery. It takes ages and could easily create an ongoing weak point.  One of my main problems now that my left arm doesn't work is an old muscle injury in my right arm that flares up with overuse.  If you can manage it, see a physio, to make sure it heals as well as possible.

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