Well this week I can't identify any actual improvements. Of course they can be so subtle now I have to pay attention to spot one. I do catch my self slipping back to my safe walk and find myself having to coach myself , like "Come on a bit faster" as I continue to move more as I used to. This week I have been involved with installing a big drum composter. The screwing of nuts onto bolts was an exercise they used to have me do in rehab, and I found I was flashing back to that as i had to do it a lot in this project. It certainly showed up a slight deficiency in fine motor skills in my left fingers. But I'm sure the practice did some good. The final lift of drum onto stand and its adjustment was a heavy lift and I paid the price in some stiffness yesterday. still a lot of motion in the assembly and no headiness to talk off and it was very satisfying to be back doing a real project again. ๐Ÿ™‚

large.DSCN5483.JPG.eb6bf520a2e28438e26f3d7161df948d.JPGHere we have the stand up and leveled. Below the final product.

large.DSCN5486.JPG.214c0ba5f8d69fbb5c128d123281ac29.JPGI am so overdue for a hair cut!!


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Amazing kevin & yes you do need haircut lol. keep on doing what you used to do prestroke & life will become great again. we still miss you in our chats though know you are busy



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I know that when I struggle with something because of my age and left leg weakness due to the cut muscle I always think "I can't do this " but my brain won't let me give up and eventually I work out a way. But like you I pay for it the next day. What matters is the end result. Well done you.

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We just began composting again for the 1st time since I was whole back in the summer of 2015. I had several pallets and put together a pretty simple bin pounding in some longer pieces of rebar I had to hold it all together. Nothing fancy but from past bins I've built this will do the job. We eat basically a plant based diet and have daily scraps andย I put the bin next to the leaf/clippings/mulch dump spot so there is cover right there to cover things. This method does take longer and calls for some patience. It won't be ready (on the bottom) for at least a year. I have looked into the barrel method and know it is much quicker. I will be looking forward to a report.

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Looks good. A lot of us need a haircut at the moment, but in the mean time your headband works to keep it out of your eyes so you can work. And if you pull it down it acts as a mask if needed ๐Ÿ™‚

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