Here we are on the weekly blog, but little to tell. No identifiable improvements but I  am to be getting to do more work than at the beginning of the year so I'm hoping that's a sign of increasing stamina. So we are down in the 30s some mornings lately though still 80S afternoon. That kind of highj dessert swing can let an early frost sneak in so we have been harvesting crops that would get damaged. This weeks main target the peppers.


The various wok loads make it hard to gauge but I assume my stamina is increasing.


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wow look at that harvest do you sell it to grocery store or have food stall to sell it, thereis no way you can finish all tht bounty



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We ue to sell at a local organic health food store but it went out of business 😞

Deb roasts and freezes them and so they dont last all year as we eat a lot 🙂

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Once again life slowly improves Kev. Even when you can't put your finger on the improvements they are happening. The capsicums look great. Personally I prefer them fully ripe (red) but the greens are great too. A pity the frost isn't going to let them ripen.  Enjoy the harvest

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One of my favourite vegetables. Sounds a great idea to preserve them in some way with winter ahead. 

Most country folk make themselves as independent as they can be. Great you are able to do so.

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The capsicum haul is amazing!!

I too, prefer red.

Carrah always buys green for pizza, so the green is normal at home.


Kev you may have to start sending care packages to us all!



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