Winter is here



So live is pretty good and motion is back for the most part and moving without the concentration it used to take 6 months ago. I still get a little light headed when I enter a balancing challenge from a position that I may not have tried since the stroke. I find I work more naturally and actively but then run out of energy. I find after a certain amount of work I will suddenly get fatigued and muscles are harder to control. Or as I tell Deb, I have gone wobbly. I can return to better control with concentration but that's only good for about as much time as it takes to get settled down for a cup a tea.


The latest example was when the weather report shoed a hard freeze coming of 17F. At that temperature it will freeze in side the hoop house so we needed to cover our green crops.



We have little heating pads that go under the insulation to help. if we get it right we can grow greens through the winter. So after pulling all the required stuff out of the shed and covering the plants i was suddenly wobbly and it was time for a morning cup a and a break.


We develop little routines over time. As an escape from all the noise of all the political news and covid we had developed the habit of feeding the horses and then sitting out to watch the sun set. With the cold we were reluctant to give up the routine so we decided to try a fire pit. It was quite cozy at 44F but we realized we need cushions to insulate us from the metal seats. We also followed it with hot chocolate!


I have a card for the Mary Jane, but I caan let it expire now as Arizona just legalized recreational use 🙂


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Always wanted a fire pit, used to have a round BBQ we fired outside in winter to sit around to keep warm in winter so I will look into that for next winter. 

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