"He puts his pants on like anyone else, one leg at a time" This phrase popped into my head yesterday as I put my pants on. A year a ago putting my pants on was quite an effort as my left leg was virtually incontrollable. A few moths back I actually managed to pull my pants on while standing, although i needed to hold onto the door jam for support. Yesterday I did it free standing! ūüôā¬†Of course this mean i had to balance standing on one leg at a time for a couple of seconds. So it things like this which¬†I now note as part of my recovery.


Core muscles , especially my back muscles are now coming under more strain as I move towards my old normal. Gardening strain my back some what more than it did pre-stroke and they are apparently working in conjunction with my legs!? Yesterday I was aware that I was pushing my back and as i left the hoop-house my legs were affected and I was somewhat wobbly. like I had walked a few miles.


The back had to work leaning over stating trays for plants. I planted some 384 in total Chinese greens, kale, spinach and lettuce. These go in a plant house in side the hoop-house and should be ready to plant in a couple of months. 384 plants is more than we need but the excess will go to the Navajo reservation where they are presently building hoop-houses to help with their food supply.

This weeks pics:-

top left; me mixing soils for the starts.

top right planting trays.

bottom left; plant house with trays on heating pads and the house has a heater to ensure no freezing.

bottom right; Deb's greens bed that supplies our present greens.


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Great that you are realising how far you have come with your recovery, that is the benefit of blogging. Congratulations on the new normal for you including the pants thing.  Ray never reached that but he did have a lot of strokes and each one took him back to the starting line again.   I hope the effort you have put into your recovery makes your family proud too.

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