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Now movement is almost back to normal and is more a matter of fatigue, in that as I get more tired i will get a little more wobbly but only slightly and an increase in concentration will often improve the motion. Still waiting on results of MRA.

So a new year , and hopefully a better one than the last. Though its become apparent that this pandemic will  take more effort to beat!


Personally i used to avoid new year resolutions as a set up for failure.  I had attempted earlier in me recovery to reduce weight I was at 191 lbs and wanted to be back to 175.

When we went into isolation I found my self snacking a lot, probably form boredom. I had got to 181 but gave up the project.  So I'm setting that as a new years resolution. Fortunately it turns out I haven't put on as much as I feared as I start the year at 186.

A plan to be in Paris on June 12th will probably not happen a scheduled  but we intend to go as soon as its deemed safe. So my other resolution is to improve my french. I have been indulging in an on-line course since November, which has been great fun but not as effective as speaking with a native speaker. We have done so much zoom in the last 9 month, so I thought hey you can zoom to France. A google search soon found a tutor in Lyon and I have my first session later today. 🙂


So I think 2 resolutions is enough

Happy New Year to all.



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  1. Happy New Year Kev!  Well, 2020 wasn't all bad - look at how much you were able to achieve and how much better you can do things now!
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Happy new year Kev the French sounds like fun, good luck. Learning a language is also supposed to help the brain create new axions which you'll need for movement goals as well.


Fingers crossed for a better year in 2021 for everyone and hopefully the pandemic situation improves quicker than expected.

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Kev Happy New Year  and many blessings to go with it. I hope you get a chance to make it to Paris sooner rather than later! Learning a new language has been sort of my thing this past year though I am far from good lol. Gaelic (a dying language but my Maiden Name is Gaelic) and brushing up on my Spanish (ok so really starting fresh because lol I dont remember anything). I've been using a free app called DuoLingo. Good luck with the French!!!


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