Well this weeks 'big event' was our 20th anniversary. Usually we would go somewhere a bit special , like last year we took a road trip to Roswell and Carlsbad caverns but this year we had to make the best of it at home in isolation. As many here know we are vegan but we still managed to indulge in a couple of meals that were out of the usual. Deb made me a British breakfast with  faux meat sausages.


This was a repeat of my birthday breakfast. For dinner we indulged in  cheese burger which is no big deal for normal persons but we imported a case of beyond burgers and a vegan cheddar which made for a delicious tasting meal but definitely beyond our usual low fat limit! A friend donated a vegan chocolate cake  which was super rich so the day ended uo been dominated by food and a romantic comedy 'Love punch'


Otherwise the weather has been limiting activity though I did get into the green house to transplant some tomatoes to bigger pots and start egg plant, peppers and cucumbers.

Cheers Kev



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I understand a day dominated by food, one of my kids family is like that, and theirs is not low fat. We all need that feeling of excess sometimes so don't be hard on yourself. Just enjoy the moment. 

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An occasional indulgence needs to be enjoyed, don't feel guilty about it that defeats the purpose. It's when the occasion is too often that you run into problems, especially in lockdown/isolation where bad habits are too easy to form. (yes this is the voice of experience but I also refuse to hate on myself)

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Happiest of anniversaries to you and Deb!

Glad you had a lovely day!


My mother in law always says it's just another day.  I think it's what you make it.


That lovely breakfast is a great way to celebrate a very special occasion!



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Congratulations!!! Happy 20th anniversary. Two weeks ago I splurged in a really naughty way. I bought a whole fudge cake AND ice cream. 😳😬 I decided to only eat the top layer over a few days with the icing on it {ALL THE ICING... MMMMM} and I tore the ice cream up. 🤦‍♀️So, I am really making myself behave since. It was a guilty pleasure. I had lots of pleasure eating the guilt. 😂 I'll have to be good for a while. 

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Sometimes it's hard to get back to the good eating habit, I've been on a sugar binge for the last month (at least) maybe that's why my sleep has been so bad. "Everything's connected". The problem with sugar, for me at least, is that it creeps in slowly and I don't notice how much of it I'm having until the habit is back almost to full strength and I have to start at the beginning to break the cycle.  One of the big losses with Covid for me was the nutritionist who was keeping me on track with the food stuff.

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Sugar is the bane of my life.


I have discovered that I can have delta cream biscuits (my absolute favourite) and they don't interfere with ibs.


Seriously, I wish they did.



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