Continuing my e-entry into a more normal life, i have spent every day bar Sunday in the green house transplanting tomatoes into small individual plots. The effort has now filed 16 trays each of 18 pots.  That's 288 plants in all.


My stamina is still a little low and a couple of hours work in the green house has me wobbly and heading for my sofa! Still I seem to recover faster and after a little rest I'm ready to go again.


My other project which is not demanding on my muscles, is improving my French and I now take my lap top into the greenhouse to play French audible books, so I can listen to the language as I re-pot the tomatoes.


I had my first vaccine shot last Thursday, followed by 24 hour of flu like symptoms but then all was back to normal.


Cheers Kev


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That is a tomato marathon! Fingers crossed for a harvest that matches your efforts once the weather allows.  Having your French audio books in the greenhouse while you work is a great idea.

Congrats on the vaccine, roll out of vaccine here is just starting, I'm in third wave, so will be a few months off. Global news on the effects is looking good.

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