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Dr. Appt.



Mad's physical for Kindergarten went well today, she is in the 75% for height and 50% for weight. She is going to have her daddy's long legs.smile.gif The Dr. that saw us, is the "talker of the group"


I could feel my brain injured attention span, short circuiting on me..."Zoning out, Amy"


"No, You pretend you are interested!!"" I had this battle going on in my mind, then I couldn't help looking at his bald spot and how he keeps it cut different now, than the last time I saw him. My ADD came back today!! I was on meds for it, but I have cut down on the "Designer Drugs."


Plus, the docs were looking at me like,"Sure you need it, when all the hype in the media is parents getting high on their kids med's now.."


It made me feel too jittery, like my heart was going to burst out of my chest cavity. Not a good feeling.


I am brain tired from pretending to listen for the past hour. It was very hard to stay focused. I hope I looked like I was staying focused.....


WE stopped our conversation when Dd starting showing negative attention.





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