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"Society of Decorative Painters"



I am excited, b/c I am about to start down a new path of recovery,one to retrain my right hand, fine art skills. I have joined a painting group at the church called "Society of Decorative Painters." We will meet later this month. It is really not my old style of painting.. I use to like different original themes, I have participated in a class in the past and it seemed too "unoriginal type of painting..(A stupid idiot- could do it type..)

But, I think this is what my right hand needs to go back into Kindergarten with the fine motor skills... I am sure my finshed project will end up hanging in the laundry room, that is where I hang my art, that I am proud of..but do not want everyone who comes over to the house, to comment on. I couldn't discipline myself to paint at home, not inspired, and too many things to do around the house. I have picked up coloring in coloring books with my DD.


I am excited had to blog, b/c I got the email my preacher's wife sent with all of the info in it. bouncesmile.gif



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hey amy:


that's great that you are getting into paining again, I m rightie, an I have great fine motor skill on my right hand, I know you can do it, hey think about it when ur hand come back, you will be able to use both hands for writing, painitng, isn't it wonderful


I should start painiting too, but I need to make it in my things to do list which I don't have one.



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I just hope I don't give up and quit. I am easily frustrated and it henders my recovery. I guess that is why DH has to be so stern with me, he knows me better, than I know myself sometimes.

I am a good starter, but not a good finisher:)


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