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Today I'm gonna RANT!!!!! Rant-On.gif


Chris is driving me crazy!!!!! He is asking me the same questions 50,000 times over and over again. This morning he was soooooooo cranky and finally he told him so. No matter what I did for him - "It Hurt"


At 11am he asked me what I was making for dinner? So far he has asked me the same question 6 times since 11am and now it is 3:30pm.


My parents are coming over tonight and Chris and my Dad are going to watch the Phillies game. He gets so excited when watching the game and enjoys it even more when Dad is here. So this afternoon he can't rest. He is afraid that I will let him sleep and he won't be out of bed by the time my parents get here. I have told him so far 4 times that I will make sure he is up by 5p have his dinner and be ready for our company.


I think he reminded me 10 times this morning that I needed to go to the pharmacy and get some of his meds filled. angry.gif


Finally, right now he is sleeping and I sware if that phone rings or someone slams the back door I'm gonna choke them. I can't wait to get out of the house tonight and go grocery shopping. Even tho I don't enjoy this chore I think tonight I'm gonna make it last at least 2 hours.


O.K. so today is a bad day and I'm glad I have this blog to complain, because I sure don't want Chris to know how I feel. Rant-Off.gif

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Been there, done that with my dad. It's amazing how somedays the repetition can get to you and other days you can handle it with grace. Rant on....it helps.



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