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Ahhhhhh Got Better!!!!!



Yeah it got better!!! Getting out of the house for awhile, even doing grocery shopping helped my attitude. And today it was just an attitude. Nodding.gif


Today when Chris got up he instantly was very "snappy." I know that several times I took it very personally. I really need to work on this. I really think that if I was the one who had the stroke and was as disabled as he is right now, I don't think I would have one day that I would be pleasant. Today was just a tough day for him and that's O.K. He also latter today finally told me that he had another headache. head_hurts.gif He didn't eat very much dinner tonight which is unusual for him. He really gets alot of headaches - I need to call the neurologist and set up another appointment for him. Tonight I am actually alittle worried. Several times I asked him if he felt alright and he said he was fine.


So what - today was a bad day - get over it - tommorrow will be better!!!!


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