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Out-patient therapy!



Today we where up quite early. The PT was coming at 10:30a. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get Chris ready in the morning, including breakfast.


About 2 weeks ago the OT had just suggested that soon Chris would be ready to go to outpatient therapy. Today after the PT finished working with him he said that it was time to start making arrangements to have him go to the hospital for therapy. He said that he would start working on this this coming week and in about 2 weeks he should have his first session. He said that Chris would probably go to therapy 2 times a week for at least 1 hour per session to start.


Chris really is starting to get good sitting balance. He is really doing good at sitting at the side of the bed and on Thursday he ate lunch sitting on the bed. I now have a full size mirror that we use to put in front of him when he is sitting so that he can watch himelf and if he starts seeing himself going off center he can straighten himself out. He has not stood for almost a year and really gets pain in his back and knees when the therapists try to stand him. I am concerned from what I have seen if Chris will be able to stand on his own. I feel that he was left go too long without therapy - and will his legs come back???? I am trying not to focus in to much on that feeling, only time will tell.


At least now I think Chris has something more to look forward to and this should certaintly help his self-esteem and especially the fact that he will be with other people, seeing their disabilities and how hard they are working to overcome them.



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Congratulations on another step in the right direction. I am sure with practice and time PT will have him on his feet again. Try not to worry about whether he will be able to or not- it is beyond your control. All you can do is focus on the accomplishments he is making, to keep him looking towards the next goal, and never let him quit trying.


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