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Blogs are good.....



I am on vacation right now.

What did I spend my day doing yesterday .....going to the sea, visiting friends, going for a walk......no...I washed windows and cleaned bedrooms. What fun. I dont know how people keep their houses spotless. No matter how hard I try there always seems to be some clutter about, something that needs doing (I should be ironing instead of blogging angry.gif ).

I was reading Michaels blog before I started this ..yep I will try Fly thingy..I have forgotton already I will have to go back biggrin.gif It might be my saving grace. So if Michael hadnt blogged I would never have found out about Fly.


At least tomorrow is the 21st...... gleam.gif

Now I need to think what I am going to do with the second week of my holiday. I am sure there must be some late deals somewhere. I just need to pluck up the courage to fly. It would be nice to go on a city break maybe Paris , Rome, Prague. I find I really get anxious about flying now. They didnt link it directly with my stroke but I am sure it didnt help. Unless I am prepared to be stranded on this little island for the rest of my life I will have to come to terms with it. Maybe I should really bite the bullet and go to Barcelona......no second thoughts that really is expecting too much. Maybe I will settle for Paris.


Really must go and do the ironing and wash the kitchen floor cleaning.gifcleaning.gif

Have a good day


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Did you get to check out FlyLady.com yet? Her methods are very helpful. If you're on vacation, balence the housework with other things, don't spend the whole time on housework! Housework in moderation!


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