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Back to the real world...



I have been away on vacation for the past 2 days for a Kelly Clarkson concert. It was amazing and meeting her after the show was as well, she is such a sweet person and it was definitely an uplifting moment that I was in need of.


I guess being away for 2 days made me forget about all I had back home. There were moments that I would think of it, of course, but for the most part I just let go and enjoyed being 19 for a change. Shopping with my friend was tons of fun, I ate some great food, and mainly I just enjoyed the moments where we'd laugh about absolutely nothing...I forget how often that just doesn't happen in my life.


I returned home today and went straight to the hospital to see Daddy. He is already up on the Rehabilitation floor and seems to be doing better although he has a ways to go and I am not certain he'll ever be back to where he was before the stroke a week ago. Any progress is a blessing though and I never forget to thank God for the blessings he gives me in the form of my Dad's progress. It'll take a while, but I know he'll get there.


Sometimes I just want to be carefree and I know that I can't do that. My Mom also babysits on the side to make extra money and has for the past 11 years. After this happened with my Dad she had to take a vacation and she has already lost 2 of the kids she babysits. 1 because her Mom couldn't find anyone else to be a backup and another because she feels my Nana is too old to babysit, and it's certainly not that I blame them because it IS their children and I can understand them wanting to do what they feel is best...but this did come at a very bad time. I have faith all will be ok though. I will be babysitting alot in the coming weeks and although I don't really enjoy it...I know it's a sacrifice that I have to make.


2 days just wasn't a long enough vacation from life.... waycon1.gif


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I am glad you had a chance to go have some fun. You have to take it when it comes and I am glad you were able to enjoy it!!



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I am so glad that you had a 'two-day vacation'. You did something you wanted, you had a good time, you 'just got away'.


You have returned, God has 'overseen' your dad, and He has even 'provided' changes in your dad, that you could notice. Yes, your dad will make improvements, maybe little or might be big. It is hard to say that he will be like he was pre-stroke, but, God has His Plan in effect, and you just need to keep praying that "all things are possible, for those who believe".


You are in my prayers.




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