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Date with my MIL





Tonight DAUGHTER AND I HAVE A DATE WITH MY Mil. i LOVE MY MIL, both our hubbies are working tonight, so we are going to watch a movie and grab dinner out.


She is so much fun to be around.


They keep their distance so much, that it is like we live on different planets, not the same town.


I would rather, it be that way, then the opposite:)


It is funny, b/c her biggest fear, is having a stroke, even before my stroke happened.


My stroke almost caused a chain reaction of strokes!


When my childhood friend was diagnosed with colon cancer, at 27,it really freaked me out, and I went and had my butt checked out, b/c stroke/cancer doesn't discriminate.


We went and picked up daughter's school supplies today, and have them ready to go, she has her physical report from her pediatrician ready, all we are waiting for is Aug. 26th to get here.


I am trying to have my brain organized, since the Nuero psych said my "thought organization was shot"


Tom's do do list:


1. Volunteer at church

2. Dust

3. Steam clean carpets

4. De- clutter daughter's room

5. Sweep/Mop playroom

6. Take it easy

7. Watch ABC's line up of good t.v. shows




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