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good day to all



ggod day to all and blessed all be i awoke this am really pumped i suppose since

i slept like a ton of bricks that will do it huh but in order for me to sleep that well i suppose i gotta wear myself out more often like i did yesterday hmmmm

welp today im a lil nervous im going to meet the soon to be father-inlaw and lots f her family but im sure it will be fine im sure they will like me , heck who doesnt right, just dont have that same self confidence that i used to before the stroke,

for the most part i have it back but you know back deep inside that head u still wonder, hmm wat thy really think do thy think ur nuts do thy think ut flicted

how do thy see mebut oh well im really not worried like that anymore those kinda questions used to pop in my head all the time but now i've got to the point to were that hey if thy dont like wat thy see or hear well then bump it

i hate it for themoh well im sure all will be fine though i allways heve been a people person ya know before and after the stroke im one of those types who doesnt meet a stranger i suppose thats the free spirit in me

im looking foward to it actually and wow gueses wat

lol change of subject mind jump huh lol

i went jhiking for the first time since my stroke the other day i used to love go hiking threw the wods this time it was more work to stay up and walk but really enjoyed itdwn hills up hills around and across sticks stumps graas , stickey bushs bees and all,trees u name it the typical hike lol it was fun

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Stan, will be thinking of you and wish you well at the meeting. If they don't like you, that's their loss but sure it won't come to that. Have lots of fun--- and as you say Be Happy!

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