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how we meet



we were asked to share our little love story so here goes

well we both were on the dating scene dating others not likeing where we were going so one day i decicded to join this online dating site and oh lord b hold guese whos pic was there with those beutifull blue eyes and red hair justa glairing at me yup brezie it was so i winked at here she winked back lol we swaped phone numbers then i started calling her imediatly she had told me at first she was involved but would really like to b friends but no more

i said yea right so i put on my hunting hat and off i went to hunt her as fair game and that i did to calling emailing iming online constantly everyday

so oneday she asked me to come over for dinner i was like ok finally i get to meet her and oh boy iwas a lucky one that day hehe we had a great first date

we talked we laughed we kissed needles to say she and i both wanted more from that point on but she thought she was in love with someone else



ahhhhh wrong i had to interfear and teach / show wat true love was / is/ still is

wel after that night she had said ok we jus gonna keep on dating other people

i said well i really dont want to but if u sure i suppse we can do that

well of course i still talked with her daily online and phoneand i had finally set up another date with someone else no t wanting to and lol once she found out that lol she was asking me over everynight and so we are here together now

peace love and happiness and on may18th at 11 pm we were laying in floor in front of fire place watching tv and talking i allready new she loved me but she wouldnt tell mee well that nihgt she told me she loved me and we committed to one another it was fantastic and yes wedding bells r off in the distanceand here

we r today deeply madly passionately in love for -ever and more


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hey stan and Briezie:


Now I know secret of ou both blogging lovey dovey stuff on web , since u both r modern people started ur love online, so it makes perfect sense to keep online love journal:D


happy for you both.In our cultur if we give blessins we say have 100 boys together, now that would be strach.


but good luck for future life




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