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Well - It Was a Monday!!!!!!!!!!!



I don't think I should have ever got out of bed this morning!!!!!!!!!


It started last night. Sunday afternoon my mom and I went shopping for Chris' birthday. When we came home my mom started preparing the food for the grill while I was helping Chris. I'm always bare footed around the house and then that's when it started. I had Chris in the hoyer lift to get him into bed and I caught my heel on the lock on the wheel of the bed. Well all I'm gonna say is that the cut I put in my heel should have been stitched. And wouldn't you know that when I was putting Chris to bed for the evening - what did I hit - the same heel on the da-- bed again and opened it alittle farther.


O.K. it's Monday morning - what did I do but OVERSLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had 2 hours to get and help Chris with his breakfast, shower, get Chris washed. The PT was coming at 11am. So I was running around like a "chicken" with its head cut off. Well I made it by minutes - I had Chris completely ready by 10:50 and wouldn't you know it - the therapist was running late and never showed till 11:40. My dad had come over to stay with Chris because I had an appointment and needed to leave by 12 noon. 11:55 the phone rings - and it was the brace fitter - there is now a problem with the insurance - they need more info to determine if it is really necessary that Chris has the splint for his affected arm and hand!!!!!!!!!! Are they really that stupid? I would think the situation would explain itself!!!!!!!!! So I never left the house till 12:10 and of course was late for my appointment.\


So - got home - made Chris' lunch and by that time he wanted to lay down and rest. GREAT - I could finally get some time to catch my breath. So I deceided to go outside and do some much needed weeding. I was outside for about 15 minutes cutting down some flowers that where done for the season and got stung by a stupid bee. The dang thing left a hole in my leg and it started to swell. So I came in treated it and said "I've had it" and layed down and took a nap!!!!!!!!!!!


So now as I am finally getting ready for bed at 1am - I'm thinking to myself - Should I Really Get Up in the Morning???????????





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your monday sounds an awful lot like mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


i don't reccomend getting up on mondays, it's just TOO difficult!!!!!!! hope your tuesday went better!!!!!!!!!



kim roflmao.gif

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