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The Fighter in the Survivor



Well, I can honestly say that this was a good week. It has been alittle harder for me, I realizing that if I continue to work, which I have to do, that I will need some help for a few hours during the day. This week I really stretched myself thin. I have been really tired. Neeeedsleeep.gif


Although I am sleep walking I am amazed as to what has been happening with Chris in regards to his therapy. I can't believe that I was told that he would never improve and would never function outside of a facility.


This week the OT has been working on twisting his trunk muscles and getting him to put weight thru his shoulder, arm and hand on the affected side. She is very pleased with the improvement that he has made in only a few weeks. The PT now has him doing leg lifts in bed and while sitting in his chair and all kinds of exercises for his legs. Today for the first time he had Chris do bridging. I had no idea what this was. He has Chris laying flat - bending his knees, feet flat on the bed and picking his butt up in the air. At first I thought he would only be able to raise the check on the unaffected side, but I was shocked to see that he could raise his whole butt off the bed. Today the PT worked with us in using the transfer board. Believe me Chris is no light weight, but it is possible to do. What helps is that Chris is starting to understand what he is being told and especially with transferring what he needs to do with his arm and body to help me. This is the first day we did not use the hoyer lift. I will be so happy to get that big thing out of my dining room. Clap-Hands.gif


When I first started logging on to this site, everyone told me to be patient, don't give up that things would get better within time. I had a hard time believing that anything would get better. But now I am a true believer that MIRACLES do happen. Chris is proof of this.


Oh, by the way, PT and OT will now be done at the hospital starting next week. The therapists say that he has advanced as far as they can take him in a home setting. He needs the equipment that is at the hospital to go the next step. Chris is really excited about this and has the determination to keep pushing forward. fighter.gif


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This is wonderful news! Patience does pay---even though it's one of the hardest things to maintain.



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Glad you're now a "believer" Patience and time are two of the survivors best buddies. The first year has some really wonderful progresses. Both Chris and yourself are seeing that first hand.

Bridging is an important excersise, the core needs to get strong. All excersises are important to do, I'm a great supporter of doing the excersises, I'm proof they work.


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