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B-day stress kicked in..



A friend and her 2 kids just dropped by before party, just in time to make my nerves shot, they let their 1 1/2 r. old destroy decorations etc. Thankfully her Mommy picked it up for me.


Hubby went to go get more food, b/c he thinks there is not enough. That's okay. I am home, waiting for my nerve pill to kick in, I wish we had some liquor I could drink, after all the rugrats go home, we live in a dry county, and the closest is 15 min. away.


It isn't raining yet!!**Good, I can throw them all outside for a while.


My Best Friend, that came early, really gets on hubby's nerves, and he had to take a nerve pill too after they left.


Why am I hosting a B-day party again??


I think the rest of the kids will be a little calmer, b/c their parents will make 'em mind.


If not, I will make the garage a time out room:)


I will let you know if I have stroke #2 at party 2day:)




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i have hosted PLENTY of birthdays parties for giggly girls and it CAN be nerve racking!!!!!! lol. but the FUN part is to look back at pictures years later and go aaaawwwwwwwww, were they ever that little? THAT makes it all worthwhile.


kim happydance.gif

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I can't imagine what it must be like to look back at pictures of my DD of more than 5 yrs ago.


I kinda got sad thinking, I could of been deceased and not here to throw her 5th B-day party.

I am glad to be alive with stroke aftermath, and be able to watch my DD grow, and have another year of her here with me.


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