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Bladder infection



All Sunday I had spasms in my bladder, that later that day I decided were actually symptoms of bladder infection. Called my general doctor who wasn't 'on call' but another doctor in the same office called and I told him I thought I have a bladder infection. He asked me if I am allergic to anything, I said no, he called in a prescription to the pharmacy I use, Hubby had to 'race' over there to pick up the script before they closed at 5pm.

Today, Monday, at noon, I still have some pain and have to pee non-stop. angry.gif


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Janice, there is a pill they can prescribe for the bladder spasm it is usually only needed for 2 or 3 days until the antibiotic kicks in...

it makes you pee like orange koolaid, but it works...

you could call and ask if you would be able to take it....

it definately helps keeep you out of the bathroom every 3 minutes....


hope you feel better soon.... bonnie

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theres nothing much worse than a bladder infection. i used to get them alot. ever since i got on this" water kick" i rarely have anymore. i hope you feel better!!!!!



kim whoosh.gif

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