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Two too fat cats



Went to the vet again yesterday to have the cat's anal glands squeezed again and to purchase flea stuff for the furballs. Seems the fleas 'hitchhike' to inside the house by jumping on our pants and/or socks.

Anyway $110 later we came home with two *beep* off cats for the indignity and pills that have to be crammed down their throats for 5 days in a row and junk to put on their backs between the shoulderblades...

Since each cat weighs 21+ pounds, vet said to put them on a diet.

Previously food was left out for them to graze on whenever they heard their dinnerbell.

So last night, each was offered 1/4 cup food..only one ate his portion. So the uneaten food was 'put up' so the other guy wouldn't get more than his share.

3am one hears his dinnerbell and lays on my hair/pillow and purrs as loud as he can...breathing into my ear. Then begins to 'wash' my face with his rough tongue LOVE HURTS! This woke me (he knows 'mom' has to pee whenever she wakes up) up so I stumbled to the bathroom where their food usually is given to them...By this time the other culprit was there,too. He lets his brother do the dirty work of waking 'mom' up, then he enjoys the spoils.

Well, mom didn't feel like measuring out the 1/4 cup of food to each boy and watch them to make sure they each got to eat their own food. This was at 3 in the morning. So, I went back to bed and back came my loverboy to wash my face and purr in my ear. Back to the bathroom to potty and then closed the door to my bedroom so cats couldn't come in. I felt like a mean Ogre. They didn't understand why 'mom' wasn't giving them food like they deserved. silly.gif

I finally got back to sleep after stewing in the guilt of torchuring my babies.

Then around 5 am the room door began to rattle from 'someone' knocking on the door to be noticed and this woke my husband...He asked why the door was closed, I told him so the cat doesn't wake me up because he's hungry.

When I did wake up finally for the day at 8am I gave each boy their own dish of 1/4 cup food and walked away. After all that guilt they put on me, they each ate only 1/2 of the food given them. They really weren't suffering, they had plenty of fresh purified water and they clearly have enough body mass to withstand a few hours to wait between feedings.. They're just not used to having their food measured out and having to wait to be fed.

Anyway, we all survived the first night of dieting. I'm glad someone doesn't put me on the same kind of diet. waycon1.gif

I love my kitties and don't want them to suffer, but I need to keep in mind they have plenty of reserves to 'get by on'. Also, they didn't wolf down their food like they were dying. =^.^=



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Guest lwisman




I will share what I did when I needed to cut back the amount of cat food available. My cat was also into the grazing mode with no limit provided.


I took a small yogurt container and measured rice into it to see how much food she should have. I marked the container with magic marker. Each morning I measured out the food, but only put a portion in her dish. During the day I gave her small amounts. Within a month I was able to put all the food out at once. Almost every morning now there is some left. In other words I forced her to be used to eating less food.


You might also try diet cat food. They get more that way, but there is more fiber, less calories.

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Sadly, my tubby boys have been on the light version for 2 years. They just like to pig out....like their mom. sad.gif


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