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When It Seems to Calm Down................



Chris had started last week going to the hospital for his PT/OT. Today the PT had called and told me he felt that Chris should continue to receive his PT at home. He feels that Chris needs to build more upper body strength and work on being able to better sit on the side of the bed. The decision still has to be made if his OT will be at the hospital or go back to homecare.


This week, finally, a new aide started. She is from a very competent nursing organization in this area and I have been amazed as to how well she is taking care of Chris and she also has a background in PT. Finally I have someone who understands the importance of the exercises being done morning and afternoon. Actually Chris is being spoiled. I told him, don't expect this on the weekends. The past two days have gone really good - finally - I am able to get back to my business, I never thought I would be this happy to get back to work.


When I was talking to the PT today, I had asked him about some suggestions for getting Chris in and out of the car. He informed me that he doesn't think that it will be possible - one problem is Chris - the fact that he has a long way to go with therapy and the other that our car is low to the ground and has bucket seats. He also told me today that he feels that it will be a long time till Chris stands and especially till he would walk. He doesn't feel at this time that Chris will walk again but he told me "you never know." I know that I have wondered the same thing - I have watched the past 8 weeks while he was receiving therapy at home and everytime the PT tries to stand Chris up it seems like he doesn't show even just alittle improvement.


The PT told me the best thing to do is to get a minivan and have it converted as a wheelchair van. I love how they tell you what to do and what you should have. I just wish they would make the payments. So I guess it's time to start looking because we will be totally house bound if I don't do something soon. blahblah1.gif


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Hi KJ:


I can understand your frustration concerning the problem of getting husband in and out of vehicle. I can drive, so I am not 'home-bound'.


Yes you may have to get a minivan and have it 'converted'. Just a few suggestions:


1). Contact a local service group (Sertoma, Elks, Moose, Jaycees, Lion's Club, Knights of Columbus, etc.) and ask if they can 'assist' you with this 'necessitity'.


2). There is a Christian organization, called Joni and Friends, that helps with financial needs of the disabled / handicapped. They have a website, but due to 'Board rules', I am not able to post it. Just type in Joni and Friends and 'hit' search.


You might also 'post' an ad in your local newspaper that you are looking for a van that might already be equipped for this purpose.


I'm not sure if either suggestion will be helpful, but I just thought that I would pass them along. Good luck.




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Here in OZ we have wheelchair taxis that do a great service, getting a patient in a wheelchair out and about. There are also wheelchair buses in larger metropolitan areas though not where we live. Our Daycare service picks up in a bus with a lifter on the back so can take wheelchairs.

A minivan is an expense but what price being stuck at home all the time? Maybe you can get the family to ask around for some discounts or special deals too.

My cousin from Utah had a wheelchair rack specially made to fit on the back of her RV ( we call them station wagons). There are a lot of engineering places that maybe could tell you how to go about that.

Good luck with your endeavours.


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You can also check with the mobility van conversion places. They quite often have used conversion vans for sale. If you shop new, look into GM's mobiltiy reimbursement program at www.gmmobility.com Sad as it is, if Chris can't stand, transfering him in and out of a vechile well give you very little options other than a conversion van of some type. We have the buses and wheelchair taxis here, too, so they might buy you some time before you have to make a dicision.



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